Nonfiction Book Review: It Pays to Be a Senior

Posted by: GwenythU | Posted on: Jun 20 2012

The subtitle of this book is "1,147 Incredible Discounts, Benefits, Sweet Deals, and Giveaways for Folks Over 50."  

I checked it out and took it home, feeling skeptical but lured by the promises on the cover such as "Get Groceries at 50% off! Lower medical bills up to 30%! Slash energy costs by 66%!"  

I put a small sticky note on each page with an idea I wanted to try. I ended up with dozens of little yellow bookmarks. The information is well organized and easy to understand. 

There are plenty of ideas I am already using, or don't need, but still the book was well worth reading. I'm trying some of the tips already and have several more photocopied for future reference. 

Best of all, even if you're not old enough to qualify for senior discounts you can still take advantage of most of this advice. 

Use thi$ book to $ave lot$ of ca$h!