Trilogy Review: Darkborn, Lightborn, and Shadowborn by Alison Sinclair

Posted by: GwenythU | Posted on: Jun 28 2011

I didn't get hooked on this trilogy until the second book, Lightborn, earned good reviews. I had dismissed the first, Darkborn, as yet-another-boring-vampire-book on the basis of its cover (sorry, vampire lovers...). Shadowborn, published this month, completes the story.

Fantasy's typical light vs. dark theme is upended here with a people cursed into two types: Darkborn and Lightborn. The Darkborn burn to ash in light, and the Lightborn dissolve in darkness. They've devised protective environments for themselves. 

Eight hundred years after the curse was set, neighboring Shadowborn invade. The Darkborn and Lightborn must cooperate more than usual to survive.

Though I enjoyed the characters and plots of these novels, what I really savored was the unique setting. I hope Alison Sinclair writes more books set in this world.