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Car Movies

To Live And Die In L.A.

By: Dean Stockwell, John Pankow, Willem Dafoe, William L. Petersen

Crime action-adventure about a U.S. Secret Service agent who is tracking his partner's killer through the streets of Los Angeles.

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Romantic Comedies

Harold and Maude

By: Bud Cort, Ruth Gordon

A black comedy about a rich, disturbed, young man, fascinated with death and funerals, who has an affair and a series of adventures with an eccentric and independent 80 year-old woman.

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Cult Classics


By: Al Pacino, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Michelle Pfeiffer, Robert Loggia

Inspired by the 1932 classic of the same title, Scarface follows the violent career of a smalltime Cuban refugee hoodlum who guns his way to the top of Miami's cocaine empire.

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Vampire Movies

From Dusk Till Dawn

By: George Clooney, Harvey Keitel, Juliette Lewis, Quentin Tarantino

Two dangerous outlaws kidnap a father and his two kids and head south to a seedy Mexican bar to hide out in safety. When faced with the bar's notorious clientele they're forced to team up with thei...

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