Statement on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

This summer, nationwide conversations about race and inequity have illuminated systemic racism and the injustices that Black Americans face. As a community partner that values diversity and access, the Palatine Library District is dedicated to confronting inequity and creating an inclusive, welcoming environment that inspires connection. We are committed to growing collections, services, and programs that champion equity, diversity, and inclusion. 

 This mission has inspired us to take these actions: 

  • founding a staff-led Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) committee to examine our Library policies and practices 
  • launching an EDI discussion group for staff, to encourage personal reflection and cross-departmental conversations 
  • creating diverse reading lists for our members that feature messages of anti-racism 
  • seeking out more diverse titles and authors for our print and digital collections 
  • incorporating more diverse titles and authors into our displays and recommended reading lists 

Going forward, we pledge to continue the work of healing our community and standing against racism by offering programs for all ages that celebrate diversity and social justice. We will publish programs in our newsletters, website, and social media.  

Palatine Library District welcomes everyone. We are learning and listening. Let's build a better future together.