Hours Update for June 19

North Hoffman and Rand Road branches are closed on Wed, June 19. Extended Access unavailable.

Print, Copy, Scan, Fax


All our locations have printers. Credit cards accepted at the Main Library and Rand Road Branch; cash accepted at all locations.


  • Black and white pages = 10¢ each
  • Color pages = 25¢ each

Wireless Printing

ePRINTit logo

There are three ways to print wirelessly:

1. From your computer: Upload files to the ePRINTit website  

2. From a mobile device: Use the Apple or Android app

3. From email: Send a message or attachment to:


Retrieve print jobs at the print release stations on either floor of the Main Library. Jobs are saved until the end of the day.

Photocopying is Now Free

Making photocopies at any location is easy and free. We have copiers that are great for making multiple copies in small and large dimensions.

We ask that members be mindful about the number of copies that are made at one time.


Each Library location has a scanner ideal for scanning multi-page and oversized documents for free. From the scanner, send files to an e-mail address or save them to a cloud or USB drive.

The Main Library has flatbed scanners that can scan photos, slides, negatives, and fragile documents.  


The Main Library and Rand Road Branch have fax machines for public use. Fax to anywhere in the United States. We do not accept receipt of faxes.

Pay with cash or by credit card. Faxes cost $0.50/page for US/CAN/MEX, and $1.00/page for everywhere else.

3D Printing

Submit a file to print. We will notify you when it's ready.