Art Exhibits and Displays

We are accepting applications to display artwork and collections in the Main Library. If you would like to have your items featured on the first floor or second floor, complete the application below. Displays change monthly.

Staff will contact you shortly with details and scheduling.

(if applicable)
(if PLD cardholder)


Request is for:
Arced, magnetized wall near the North Entrance.
Small wall is located next to the Magazine collection. First Floor: *Arc Wall Board is not an enclosed case. We cannot be responsible for lost or damaged art.
Valid Palatine Library cardholder only.


Request is for:
1 to 3 cases typically displayed at the top of the stairs.
2 walls on the north side of the floor overlooking the pond.
1 large wall located across from Meeting Room 3 and the Biography collection.
1 large wall east facing by Nonfiction collection.
Libray staff will honor an applicant's request for month specified or second choice whenever possible, otherwise a month will be assigned.


The Library is unable to secure patrons’ personal possessions and cannot be responsible for lost or damaged personal property. This includes personal items in displays or exhibits as the Library cannot be responsible for theft of, loss of, or damage to items in displays or exhibits.
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