Community Partnerships

Library Champions

Thank you for considering a partnership with Palatine Library. We are so excited to work with you!

We are the community’s go-to destination for countless resources and materials. We serve nearly 90,000 residents in Palatine and North Hoffman Estates. As our community continues to grow, we adapt to their needs, provide online resources, and host numerous programs for all ages.

With over 6,000 new cardholders in the fiscal year 22-23, our ever-growing member base presents you with a unique opportunity to increase your brand awareness. Consider partnering with us to show your support of literacy and increase your visibility within the community.

A partnership with us guarantees an increase in brand awareness; your business name and logo will appear on our website, social media, and print newsletter that is distributed to 39,000 households in the District. With 10,000 followers across our social media platforms, you have the chance to reach new customers through a partnership with us.

Our Reading Programs

Summer Reading Program
Our biggest program of the year! Just last year, over 4,000 community members signed up for this program. These participants can become new business through the incentives you provide for our summer celebrations.

Winter Reading Challenge
Support the community by sponsoring this program. Every year, 2,000 community members come together to read thousands of books to support a local organization of our choosing. When we meet our goal, the organization gets a grand donation from our partners like you!

Sponsor this Special Event!

Library Mini Golf Fundraiser
To celebrate our 100th anniversary, we are inviting the community to spend the weekend at the Library with mini golf. With 19 holes, hundreds of Library members of all ages will enjoy a weekend at the Library.

All money donated by you will be used to fund a LiteZilla™ in the children’s play area. This interactive display includes light walls that encourage children to engage in a fun activity that develops their critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity.

100 year anniversary logo