Meeting Room 1


Our largest meeting room holds up to 185 people and is ideal for large gatherings.

Base Fees for Up to 4 Hours:

  • Not-for-Profit Organization $15.00
  • For-Profit Organization $100.00
Library Branch
Main Library

This room includes a digital podium with Windows computer, large screen and projector, lapel and handheld microphones, kitchen access, piano, and a room divider. 


Standard Setup includes 65 chairs in a theatre style arrangement with 2 tables at the front.

Room Setups Available
  • Hollow Square

    Hollow Square

  • Theatre


  • U Shape

    U Shape

  • Room set up with chairs on one side of long tables facing the front of the room

    Classroom (2 column)

  • Classroom (3 column)

    Classroom (3 column)

  • Room set up with two tables at front of room and chairs around walls

    Chairs Against Walls

  • Room set up with chairs arranged in a circle

    Chairs in Circle

  • Room set up with chairs on both sides of long tables

    Multiple Tables

  • Room clear of any tables and chairs

    Open Room

  • Room set up with two columns of chairs with a central aisle and a long table with chairs at the front of the room

    Panel Presentation