The Holiday Gift Guide

The Holiday Gift Guide

Save up this holiday season and make personalized gifts in The Workshop Lab. We have a collection of ready-to-make items available for you. Don’t wait, drop by now to get yours done early! Limit two per person, per day. While supplies last. Drop in.

Do you have an idea for a more elaborate gift? Book a one-on-one appointment for projects and gifts that are not on this list. 

  • Sublimated Ornament – $2
    • Print out one of your own photos or our designs on the sublimation printer to create a cute ornament.
  • Sublimated Mug – $3
    • Use our template and mug press to design a new mug.
  • Laser Coaster – $0.50
    • Make a unique set of coasters to go along with your new mug.
  • Laser Ornament – $1
    • Make your own decorations even more personalized with this wood ornament.  
  • 3” Magnet – $0.50
    • Print your own design and turn it into a magnet, perfect for a stocking stuffer.
  • Cricut Gift Tags – $1
    • Cut your gift tags on cardstock with our template.

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Holiday Gift Slideshow

Workshop Holiday Gifts- Sublimated Mug 1
Workshop Holiday Gifts- Sublimated Mug 2
Workshop Holiday Gifts- Laser Cut Ornaments
Workshop Holiday Gifts- Sublimated Ornament
Workshop Holiday Gifts- Cricut Gift Tags
Workshop Holiday Gifts- Magnets
Workshop Holiday Gifts- Laser Cut Coaster